X Predict Market DApp

user tutorial on how to participate in prediction market on X Predict Market
Step 1: First you need to acquire a PolkadotJS wallet account.
(skip step 1 if you already have one)
Install the PolkadotJS and create an account by using the following link:
Step 2: X Predict market DAPP: https://test-app.x-predict.com/
Step 3: Choose test node
In order to control the issuance of test currency and statistical balance, choose the test node.
Step 4: Choose your account
Step 5: Get test currency
1. Copy your wallet address
2. Go to the Official Telegram group, and send message “/get + Address” (sample message:/get xxxxxxxxx)
(Note: an address/telegram number can only get test currency once a day)
3. Choose a proposal to Buy or Sell your prediction shares
4. Proposal buy
5. There are two situations with the Sell
5.1. During the voting period, users can sell their shares according to their own will
5.2. At the end of the proposal, those who guess the right result also redeem their prize through the Sell
6. Add liquidity
7. Retrieve liquidity. Users can only retrieve liquidity at the end of the proposal
8. WaitingForResult
When the closing time comes, the status will turn into WaitingForResult, please just wait for the final result.
9. End
When the final result is uploaded by the validator node, the status of the proposal will turn into End.
1.0: if you guess ‘yes’ at first, and the final result is ‘yes’, then you guess right. You could sell your shares, and your test coin will add.
2.0:if you guess ‘yes’ at first, and the final result is ‘no’, then you guess wrong. You could also sell your shares, but your test coin will not add.
Last modified 2yr ago